Machinery Analysis

Maintaining the reliability of critical assets is paramount to continuing production and minimising operational upsets. Assessing the ‘health’ of machinery using vibration measuring equipment is one of the ways Asset Integrity can assist in diagnosing the condition of a machine and help determine the root cause of a problem.

Indicators such as increased vibration levels, a change in vibration characteristics, a change in noise, or a change in machine behaviour can reveal the onset of a problem. If a problem is caught and diagnosed early, it can allow for maintenance or overhaul to be scheduled before any unplanned downtime of the machine occurs.

Asset Integrity also provide services which compliment machinery analysis. These include finite element analysis (FEA), pulsation analysis, structural analysis, dynamic stress and fatigue analysis, flow induced vibration (FIV), acoustic induced vibration (AIV), water hammer analysis, and pipe stress analysis and design.

About Machinery Analysis/Condition Monitoring

Assessing the health of rotating equipment allows reliability and integrity strategies to be realised. Depending on the criticality of the equipment, rotating equipment can be measured on a routine basis or continuously with an on-line system.

Vibration measurement parameters must be set appropriately to obtain the necessary data to detect machinery faults during the early stages of equipment deterioration. Inspection and remediation strategies can then be developed and implemented to mitigate the risk of unplanned maintenance and downtime.


“Maintaining the reliability of critical assets is paramount to continuing production”

Typical Problem- Analysis Type- Asset
Need to increase reliability of all rotating equipment- Machinery Analysis- Rotating Equipment
Troubleshooting required for elevated vibration bearing levels- Machinery Analysis- Rotating Equipment
Root cause analysis for repeated machine failure- Root Cause Analysis
- Machinery Analysis
- Rotating Equipment
Troubleshoot machine trips caused by elevated vibration levels on reciprocating
- Field Measurements
- Machinery Analysis
- Reciprocating Compressor
Vibration analysis required for acquired condition monitoring data- Machinery Analysis- Rotating Equipment
Change in machine behaviour or noise levels- Field Measurements
- Machinery Analysis
- Rotating Equipment
Repeated failure of bearings/couplings- Field Measurements
- Machinery Analysis
- Rotating Equipment
Elevated vibration levels of rotating equipment caused by structural resonance- Field Measurements
- Machinery Analysis
- Rotating Equipment
- Structure